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Vancouver, BC, May 28, 2018–(entrepreneurship@UBC)–Vesalius Cardiovascular Inc.  has announced the closing of a $1 million seed financing round to accelerate the engineering of its mitral valve repair device called Calla TC3.

The Vesalius unique concept marries surgery and cardiology to deliver a percutaneous treatment for mitral valve prolapse (also known as degenerative mitral regurgitation), a serious and very common heart valve disease.

“We use proven surgical principles to design and build Calla TC3, an innovative device able to reproduce the effect of surgical valve repair. More importantly, our device is delivered during a transcatheter intervention, requiring a small skin puncture to the leg of the patient and subsequently eliminating the need for open heart surgery” stated Dr. Peter Skarsgard, Vesalius’ President, co-founder, and inventor of the device. “This financing round will enable the Company to accelerate the engineering phase and reach animal testing by early 2019”.

Vesalius is developing a surgical implant able to repair the mitral valve without heart surgery. While the gold standard treatment remains open heart surgery, a large number of patients cannot undergo surgery because of the associated risks. Therefore, there exists an unmet clinical need.

The Vesalius device will allow all patients to be treated, while eliminating the burden of open heart surgery.

“Imagine the patient checking into the hospital for treatment on a Friday, returning home on Saturday, and back to normal activities on Monday” noted Vincent Ledoux, COO and co-founder of Vesalius. “The Company will be able to achieve 2 major milestones in 2018 and prepare for a Series A round by end of year”.