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Vancouver, BC, December 11, 2017–(T-Net)–e@UBC announced that Vancouver-based BioMed Startup Vesalius Cardiovascular won the top prize at the annual Cascadia Venture Forum (CVF) Summit, recently hosted at Cambia Grove in Seattle on November 15, 2017.

The CVF is a premier early stage (Seed and Series A) investment forum for health innovation start-ups in the Pacific Northwest. The annual CVF organizes three regional investment forums in each of Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland to showcase the top investor-worthy companies. Stemming from each regional event, top companies are invited to present at the CVF Summit in Seattle.

18 ventures from Oregon, Washington and British Columbia were qualified to pitch during the annual CVF Summit this year, After successfully topping the regional investment forum held in Vancouver, Vesalius Cardiovascular advanced to the Summit in Seattle and won the first place in the Seed category.

“Mitral regurgitation is a serious and very common heart disease, affecting millions of people around the world. Current gold standard treatment is mitral valve repair, an open-heart operation. The burden of this disease is borne by patients, but also by hospitals, health systems and governments. Our goal is to build a device that can provide the surgical effects – safe, durable and effective – and deliver it percutaneously, using an already proven technique” says Vincent Ledoux, Co-founder and COO of Vesalius Cardiovascular.

Vesalius Cardiovascular is part of the e@UBC Life Sciences venture cohort and UBC HATCH-affiliated venture. They are currently in the engineering phase of developing their mitral valve repair device, an innovative surgical implant able to repair a major heart valve disease without surgery. The patented device will be delivered through a skin puncture to the leg, eliminating the need for an open-heart operation.

About Vesalius Cardiovascular

Vesalius Cardiovascular is Vancouver-based medical device venture developing a surgical implant capable of repairing mitral regurgitation, a major heart disease. The device will be delivered through the skin, eliminating the need for open-heart surgery. Vesalius Cardiovascular team includes several medical doctors able to fine-tune the device design in order to mimic the open-heart surgery, and a biomedical engineering expert to lead the development. http://www.vesaliuscardio.com/

For more information about Vesalius Cardiovascular, contact laura.lam@ubc.ca

News Credit: e@UBC